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VAT and Healthcare

Supplies of medicine and medical equipment to Norway

Within the health sector there are a number of specific VAT issues to be aware of, both for entities involved in providing health services and for suppliers of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. During the spring semester we will therefore arrange three webinars highlighting different topics related to this sector. One of the seminars with be specifically targeted at foreign suppliers.

Supplies of medicines and medical equipment is a highly specialized business and, although the Norwegian rules are harmonised with EU rules, many of the details are specific to Norway. We will during this webinar provide an overview of the rules that concern supplies of medicines and medical equipment to the Norwegian health sector. On the way we will provide concrete tips and share our experience with assisting clients in the health sector.


Tender procedures
  • Mercell
  • What is required to participate/tender?
  • Pricing rules/mechanisms
Licensing requirements
  • Norwegian MA (Marketing Authorisation)
  • EU MIA (Manufacturing and Import Authorisation)
Import rules
  • Import procedures and relation to licenses
  • Import duties
  • Import VAT
  • VAT (pre-)registration
  • Subsequent rebates and VAT
  • Helfo refund claims
  • Supplies with installation
  • Service and maintenance agreements
  • Consignment stock
Company registration / CIT compliance
  • Soft NUF
  • Permanent establishment
  • Branch
  • Limited company

Event info

Wednesday 6 April, 09.00-10.30 CET


You can log in to the webinar from 08.50

This event is free


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